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Weight LossFat Reduction & Contouring Treatments

Weight Loss Treatments in Dothan, AL

Reach & Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Losing weight can be a difficult journey, especially if you struggle to exercise due to chronic pain, an injury, or long-term health conditions. And even when we reach our ideal weight, it can be difficult to maintain it. At Regenerative Medicine of AL, we offer alternative weight loss treatments to avoid these issues and help you safely, consistently reduce fat. One of the main weight loss plans we incorporate is the ChiroThin program.

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Reduce Fat & Build Muscle

Our highly trained and caring staff are here to support and care for our patients who are frustrated with not only their condition, but their inability to receive the care they need. Valerie Eriksen will be your personal health coach to help guide you through the process of not only losing weight, but improving your health and vitality. Contact Regenerative Medicine of AL today and find the care you need to discover improved health that helps you become your best self.

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