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Treat Pain & Chronic Health Problems in Dothan, AL

In our office, we work as a team to address your healing.

Regenerative Medicine of Alabama is staffed by a team of licensed healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and therapists. We are proud to serve patients with courtesy and care by creating a welcoming environment at every appointment. Schedule your appointment today to treat joint pain, headaches, weight gain, and hair loss with proven and effective techniques for combatting the symptoms of aging.

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Valerie Eriksen

Case Manager

Valerie Eriksen is the office case manager, helping patients start their care process. Valerie is also the founder of Healthy For Life. Her keen interest and personal devotion to health and wellness emerged through a nutrition class during college. Valerie has had a variety of life experiences ranging from a 16-year career as an International Model to an Executive Management position with a large Alabama-based company to a devoted mom of many years. She continues to attend seminars regularly, engage in research, and study to increase her knowledge so that she can best assist her clients’ weight loss and wellness needs.

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Leslie Jones

Laser Tech & Case Manager

Leslie Jones has studied the natural functions of the human body for 21 years. She obtained her bachelor’s in science of Earth Sciences from Troy University in 2006. Leslie also has associate degrees in Science of Mathematics, Fine Art, Music Composition, and English Composition (Wallace Community College 2004). She graduated from Wicksburg High School, with Career and Technical endorsements and was president of Health Occupational Students of America in 2002, when she began studying chiropractic care with Dr. Kirk Eriksen.

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Trishia VanSlyke

Licensed Aesthetician & Laser Tech

Trishia enrolled at Wallace Community College to complete the Esthetic’s Program, a comprehensive course that covered various aspects of skincare. Throughout her time at the college, Trishia excelled academically, earning top grades and receiving recognition for her dedication and hard work. Upon graduating with honors, Trishia obtained her license as an esthetician and set out to make a difference in patients’ lives through skincare. She believes that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and she is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their skincare goals. Trishia also serves our practice as a weight loss consultant and laser therapy technician.

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Adrian Hiller-Fittro

Laser Tech

Adrian has been a certified Class 4 Laser Technician since 2019. He is passionate about our patients’ well-being and fascinated by the science behind our therapies, and enjoys helping patients understand the modalities that we employ in our practice.

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Courtney Hartranft

Weight Loss Case Manager

Courtney has been a member of our team since 2023. Her main role is helping our patients as a weight loss case manager. “I’ve been on a mission to support our patients in reaching their health and weight loss goals. Outside the clinic, my world revolves around quality time with my beloved family and friends.” Courtney is in the process of completing her Certification in Holistic Nutrition.

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Brandi Pemberton

Front Desk Receptionist

Brandi is a Certified Medical Assistant with 15 years working experience in the healthcare field. She is currently a nursing student attending Wallace Community College in the RN program. Brandi works at the front desk of our practice as our friendly receptionist.

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