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Hair RestorationHair Loss Doesn’t Have to Be Permanent

Successfully Treat Hair Loss in Dothan, AL

Feel Like Yourself Again

Hair loss occurs due to a number of factors, including genetics, aging, and the stress of daily life. When we lose hair, it can make us feel like we aren’t ourselves as we watch an integral part of our appearance change. At Regenerative Medicine of Alabama, our team provides specialized treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma injections and laser scalp stimulation to help patients struggling with thinning hair. These methods can treat common causes of hair loss, including traction alopecia and male pattern baldness as well as female pattern hair loss.

Don’t Give Up on Your Hair

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) scalp treatments can provide true hair restoration using your body’s natural processes. These injections use your own nutrient-rich blood cells to promote growth by activating dormant hair follicle cells. A treatment plan over the course of a few months can accelerate cellular healing to slow hair loss and restore a full head of hair.

Laser scalp stimulation is another method we use to treat multiple types of hair loss. Like PRP, laser scalp treatment stimulates cellular activity in your hair follicles, and it does so by safely and effectively targeting these cells with heat. We use the advanced technology of Theradome® LPT hair growth treatment to apply laser phototherapy (LPT). This FDA-approved technology is a simple, external treatment that can slow down the process of hair loss, increase hair thickness, and promote hair growth.

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