Treatment for Knee Injuries & Arthritis in Alabama

Modern medicine has advanced a lot with the introduction of regenerative medicine. It has made it possible to treat severe knee conditions without surgery.

Knee replacement surgery is a commonly performed procedure that involves inserting an artificial joint made of metal, plastics, alloys and polymers.

That’s why it is very sensible to consider the safer ways before deciding to have a knee replacement surgery. After a surgery, most patients cannot walk without assistance for 3 months.

The Risks of Knee Surgery vs Regenerative Medicine

Knee replacement surgery is a common procedure where a metal prosthetic implant is inserted in place of the knee joint. The invasive nature of the surgery makes it highly risky.

Regenerative Medicine presents a non-surgical approach to correct knee conditions that otherwise usually need knee surgery. The recovery is faster and the risks are really low. Let’s have a look at a comparison between surgery and regenerative medicine:

Blood Clots No Possible
Dislocations No Possible
Foreign Prosthetic No Yes
Fractures No Possible
Hospital Stay No 3 – 10 days
Infection No Possible
Joint Stiffening Minimal Discomfort Possible
Leg Length Change No Possible
Ligament Damage No Possible
Lost Time at Work 2-3 days if needed 3 months – 1 year
Nerve Damage No Possible
Prosthetic Breakdown No Yes
Recovery Back to Normal After few days 3 Month Period of No Walking
Re-Surgery No Possible – Very Likely

Knee arthritis treatment is now highly successful using tissue allograft therapy for knee arthritis. The tissue allograft injection helps the injury heal at a much faster pace with much more pain relief and a good chance at total recovery.

Basically, Regenerative Medicine uses your body’s own natural healing power to focus on healing the damage faster. We use two types of Regenerative treatments in our office: Regenerative Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma. Depending on your condition, we might use a combination of both.

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Regenerative Medicine is a great opportunity for patients suffering with chronic joint pain and injuries. It seems sensible to seek this non-surgical approach prior to making the choice to have surgery as the risks or recovery time involved in Regenerative Medicine is very small. Call 334-310-5924 now to set up an appointment.

Several patients do observe noteworthy progress after Regenerative Medicine. Initial progress is often seen rather rapidly and because Regenerative Medicine supports the natural healing process of the body, the recuperation process then goes on gradually.

Disclaimer: It is essential to recognize that every individual is unique and so are their medical conditions and healing process. Although there are no guarantees for recovery, Regenerative medicine procedures have a track record of helping many patients with joint arthritis, and joint and tendon injuries.

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